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Do Your Website Visitors Hate Your Content?

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Is your website content attracting visitors or repelling them?


 A client considering a website redesign requested I review the effectiveness of their current site. Developed by a web hosting company that specializes in the client’s niche, the site was built from a template which included industry-relevant copy, with designated fields to “personalize” the site.

In fact, the resulting site was impersonal, perfunctory and no more engaging than a Yellow Pages listing. The user experience was inefficient and cumbersome, and the images (obviously stock photos) neither reinforced the copy nor enhanced the client’s credibility. The client and I were in agreement that the website wasn’t particularly compelling or effective. (more…)


An A to Z Guide to Smart Blogging

An A to Z Guide To Smart Blogging

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to drive targeted traffic to your website. With well-written, informative posts, you demonstrate depth of knowledge in your niche and increase the impact of your online footprint. To maximize the benefits from your blog, we’re providing an A to Z list of best practices and tips to follow.

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A     Author: Change the default author on your blog posts from Admin to your name (also be sure to include the publication date)
B     Block quotes: Use these to indent text or add visual interest to a quote (more…)


Tips To Create A Top-Notch "About" Page

Tips to Create A Top-Notch “About” Page

Do you feel awkward or self-conscious about your website’s About page? Understandable — it can be difficult to sell yourself. But the About page is among the most often viewed website pages, and a robust and well-articulated page conveys credibility. Think of your About page as part resume, part scrapbook with a bit of personality thrown in for interest. Make it verbally informative and visually interesting. Here are a few tips to get you started on a top-notch About page: (more…)


Blogging Best Practice: The Importance of Evergreen Posts

Blogging Best Practice: The Importance of Evergreen Posts

We’ve talked often about the importance of cadence in social media. Recipients of your posts become accustomed to your schedule and grow to expect to hear from you at regular intervals. So whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, and whether you post weekly or five times daily, you create an expectation that should be fulfilled with a relatively consistent cadence. In a prior post, we offered tools and tips that can help you to maintain your social media quickly and effectively. (more…)


5 Tips for Quick and Effective Social Media Posting

5 Tips for Quick and Effective Social Media Posting

Do you struggle with maintaining a consistent presence in your social media accounts?

FacebookCadence is important to social media success and it can be hard to keep up with it all, especially if you’ve established a presence on dozens of social sites. Try these five simple organization tips to help you focus your time where it counts.

1. Review the traffic sources on your analytics to determine the top sites that drive traffic to your website. The social media sites you find here are the ones you should (more…)