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Create Once And Leverage: 3 Ways To Repurpose Your Content

repurposed contentCreating fresh and compelling content week after week, month after month, year after year can be a challenge, to say the least. An editorial calendar can facilitate the creative process by offering a structure which helps to maintain cadence. Content themes and topics are identified in advance, providing a jump-start to the writing process.

Still, it can take hours to craft an effective blog post, and how many people really see it? Well, that depends. By repurposing your content, you can create once and leverage, dramatically increasing the visibility of each article. Content marketing allows you to expand the reach of each content element while saving you time and resources.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFrom website to blog … or blog to website? 



4 Blog Formats To Kick-Start Your Blog

Keeping up with fresh blog posts can be like staying on a diet. For some, it’s a routine, like a kale smoothie for breakfast. For others it’s a constant struggle. While processes and systems like an editorial calendar help maintain cadence, a change in format can be energizing. If you’re feeling stuck, try one of these approaches for your next blog post.

Screencast tutorial

Example of a video screencast tutorial

Video or screencast

We’ve become a bit obsessed with visual images. Rather than living in the moment, it seems, more often we’re filming it. Nevertheless, video achieves the goal of showing your value, rather than telling it — with epic simplicity. (more…)


Live Workshop: Blogging on WordPress

Ready … Set … Blog!

Whether you want to start a blog, improve the impact of your blogging, or expand the reach of your posts, success in blogging means more than just writing an article and publishing it on your website. Blogging is a proven way to illustrate your expertise and increase your visibility, and WordPress is the leading blogging platform.

Once your website developer has created your site, it’s up to you to utilize it to the fullest. Do you struggle to write posts that capture the attention of readers?  What are the best ways to get more people to see your blog posts? And how do you navigate the back end of your website? This workshop is designed for the marketer or business owner who wishes to blog on WordPress as part of an integrated content strategy. (more…)


3 Must-Do’s To Improve Your Blog’s Effectiveness

3 Must-Do’s To Improve Your Blog’s Effectiveness

Tidbits of WisdomAs the power of content marketing gains recognition, more businesses are turning to blogging as a key lead generation strategy. Blogging allows you to demonstrate your expertise and gain visibility by sharing in a variety of venues where your target client spends time online.

Don’t even consider blogging unless …

First things first. The most important attribute of content marketing is the quality of the content. Effective blog posts provide a unique value not offered by others. With the massive availability of content online, users demand each interaction be efficient, productive and fruitful. Resist the urge to blog about a topic if you don’t have anything new to add to the conversation … but consider whether you possess a distinctive perspective or specific knowledge that merits sharing. Consider utilizing a blog post format such as an interview, Q&A, tip, video blog or event review.

While your unique value may take a variety of forms — such as entertainment, instruction or information — it must be concise, well crafted and punchy. If you don’t have the writing skills, either hire someone who does, or choose other lead generation strategies to drive attention to your business.



An A to Z Guide to Smart Blogging

A to Z

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to drive targeted traffic to your website. With well-written, informative posts, you demonstrate depth of knowledge in your niche and increase the impact of your online footprint. To maximize the benefits from your blog, we’re providing an A to Z list of best practices and tips to follow.

A    Author: Change the default author on your blog posts from Admin to your name (also be sure to include the publication date)
B    Block quotes: Use these to indent text or add visual interest to a quote (more…)