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Launch Wisdom: Productize Your Services

Helm station

Like a ship’s captain, you must plot your route, meticulously considering the changing currents, shoals and tides.

There are many approaches to entrepreneurship — purchasing a franchise, acquiring an established company, freelancing as an independent contractor or starting a brand new venture of your own. Each model has its own unique set of benefits and challenges. It’s a big step to migrate from being part of a crew to captaining the ship.

It can be lonely at the helm

I’ve helped a number of clients navigate the transition from a corporate career to entrepreneurship. In fact, I did the same myself back in 2010.

Buoyed by creative energy and enthusiasm, it’s common to plunge in without cognizance of the enormity of going it alone — at least initially, when everything from business development and managing the books to providing the actual service of your business falls directly in your lap. Even for those who instigate the change thoughtfully and deliberately, the scale and scope of launching a business are surprisingly complex. (more…)


Is Your Marketing Process A House Of Cards?

The crisp autumn mornings often trigger a response based in childhood to sit up and take notice. We feel the transformation from the casual and carefree summer days to the discipline of the school year. As Labor Day approaches, the phone starts to ring with business owners ready to ramp up and buckle down. ‘Tis the season for structure.

house of cards

Is your content marketing process a house of cards?

Unlike summer, when lazy days are relished, as we flip the calendar to September, there is a greater focus on the weeks and months ahead. Year-end sales goals loom, perhaps accompanied by guilt and some angst for not keeping commitments to our own business development. For retail businesses selling to consumers, the stakes are even higher with only eight weeks remaining before the onset of the holiday shopping season. (more…)