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Are You Having a Facebook Identity Crisis?

Confused identity crisis

Did I just comment as myself or my business page?

Mistakes happen. Whether you stress over them or take them in stride, it’s important to avoid repeating the error. If you’re a page admin for a business Facebook page, chances are you’ve liked, commented or shared a post as your Page when you intended to do so as yourself. Or perhaps you meant your Page to share an update from another business page, but somehow the share defaulted to your personal account. The process can be pretty convoluted — and frustrating.

If Facebook has proven a successful channel for your business, don’t count it out just because it’s complicated. As a page admin on a Facebook account, always double-check to confirm whether you’re posting as yourself or your Page. Here’s how:  (more…)


Facebook Gets Navigable

Yes, I use Facebook for business — both my own and many clients. Facebook is the primary social platform for some clients because it’s where their audience spends time online. We create events, engage socially, boost posts, run ads and leverage personal profiles and groups to increase visibility for their business page content.

Still, it can be painful. It seems that Facebook loves to mess with us, changing the search algorithms to minimize organic reach, modifying the functionality of business pages and generally making them more difficult and less effective to use.

At last – a nod to business Facebook pages

But joy! Last week I was happy to see some page design changes at Facebook that actually enhanced the usability (!) of Facebook business pages. User experience improvements on Facebook — at last! (more…)


How's Your Facebook Reach?

How’s Your Facebook Reach?

Anybody out there FacebookIf your business Facebook page metrics show some significant drops in recent months, you’re not alone. Facebook is evolving their strategy and free marketing for business doesn’t play a big role. With that said, it’s not necessarily appropriate to throw in the Facebook towel just yet. Rather, you need to be strategic not only about what you post, but how and when you post. Some of the approaches that were effective in the past may actually be hurting your Facebook reach.

Learn how to evaluate your Facebook effectiveness and gain an understanding of how to use the platform more effectively to increase your reach.  Join us.

Using Facebook for Business
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
6:30pm – 8:30pm     Reading, MA


How-To: Invite Facebook Friends to "Like" Your Business Facebook Page

How-To: Invite Facebook Friends to “Like” Your Business Facebook Page

Facebook tipsThere are certain questions we hear from clients and friends pretty frequently. One relates to how to get your friends to like your Facebook business page.

Our first piece of advice on that topic is to restrain from sharing too much about your business on your personal Facebook page. Instead, offer teaser information and let friends know that if they want more — tips, photos, discount codes, deals or information — that they need to “like” your business Facebook page. (more…)