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Are You Ignoring Your LinkedIn Company Page?

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Are you ignoring your LinkedIn company page? Image courtesy: Flickr

For the most part, LinkedIn is a well-designed, easy-to-navigate platform. One area that isn’t the most nimble is the lack of integration between company pages and personal profiles. Even for page administrators, company pages on LinkedIn are essentially separate from personal pages.

Your personal connections must independently elect to follow your company page to receive your updates; driving traffic to your company page requires activity distinct from promoting your personal profile. And requesting people to follow your page — like begging for Facebook likes — is neither compelling nor productive. (more…)


Increase Your Online Footprint With A Company LinkedIn Page

“I already have a personal profile on LinkedIn that I hardly use.

Why do I need a company profile?”

Well, for starters, in order to maximize the impact of social media, you need to use it strategically, to connect and engage with contacts, influencers, potential customers and affiliates. Use your personal LinkedIn profile to engage with your connections, complement your in-person networking, and to stay in touch with colleagues, customers or referral sources.

A company page on LinkedIn increases visibility and credibility for your company. (more…)