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Get To The Point & Stay On Point: Creating Compelling Content

Less is more.Do you know someone who takes forever to tell a story? Despite their best intentions, they wander off on endless tangents and digress with irrelevant details. By the time it’s completed, the point of their story is long lost.

While in a social setting a series of polite nods may be the norm, online disdain is expressed through a swift click away. With the enormous amount of our time spent online, we demand that each interaction be efficient, productive and fruitful.

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Say What? 5 Tips to Avoid Tech-Speak

confused pugYou know your craft. You’re an expert. You’ve been at it a while and understand the ins and outs, the potential pitfalls, the manufacturing process or delivery system, not to mention the sales cycle, channel strategy and profit margins. So writing about it should be easy – right?

Often, it’s not. Once you’re an expert, that industry lingo, chock-full of acronyms and niche-specific terms, becomes part of your everyday vocabulary. You “talk shop” without even realizing it. And when you’re speaking with potential customers, they often can’t even follow what you’re saying, much less understand how you can help. (more…)