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Canned Content Is For The Birds

Nearly identical birds

With canned content, your business is nearly indistinguishable from your competitor’s.

There are times when it’s really hard to bite your tongue. I had one of those moments during a recent conversation with a new client. While discussing their current marketing tactics and how we could improve their effectiveness, the client mentioned that they use email marketing to stay in touch with a large list of past clients and contacts. When I probed, she explained, “We subscribe to this great service which provides us industry-related content that we share to our email lists automatically. It’s really easy!”

My response? First, a deep breath; then count one, two, three.  (more…)


10 Ways To Buy Yourself More Time Next Year

Buy time

How is it possible to get more done in the new year (without working day and night)?

Today’s blog article is a guest post courtesy of Jacqueline Franklin, Founder of Coach2Growth. Coach2Growth helps executives, corporate leaders and business leaders grow by capitalizing on their strengths and innate abilities to lead and partner. Jacqueline is a valued member of my inner circle of trusted colleagues.

1. Just say “yes, and….”  Accept new projects and meeting requests with boundaries and alternatives. When someone asks you to take on a project or attend a meeting, respond with phrasing like, “Gee, Ryan, I’d love to help, and because I couldn’t possibly give this project its due attention right now, let’s talk about how to structure it over time to ensure the greatest likelihood of success.”


5 Unconventional Marketing Strategies

 5 Unconventional Marketing Strategies

Pause for inspirationIf you’re running a business, more than likely you engage in some lead generation strategies to drive traffic. It’s important to use your analytics to measure the effectiveness of each strategy and focus on those that deliver the most promising leads. Once you identify your top marketing strategies, consider overlaying these ideas to make them even more effective. (more…)