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Cruise The Social Media High Seas – 2 Case Studies

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Start small on social media

Without question, overwhelmed is the word most often used by new clients when discussing social media marketing. Crafting creative content, managing functionality changes and maintaining cadence is hard enough on a single platform (never mind on three or four).

My response — in fact, my mantra for social media — is to start small, with a strong and credible presence on a single platform where your target audience spends their time. Once you’re in the groove, layer in creative sharing strategies and additional platforms as outposts. Your original content can be modified to fit other platforms and repurposed.

To encourage you not to abandon the social ship before you’ve even boarded, we’re offering these social media case studies which illustrate how you can catch the wind with social media.  (more…)


How's Your Facebook Reach?

How’s Your Facebook Reach?

Anybody out there FacebookIf your business Facebook page metrics show some significant drops in recent months, you’re not alone. Facebook is evolving their strategy and free marketing for business doesn’t play a big role. With that said, it’s not necessarily appropriate to throw in the Facebook towel just yet. Rather, you need to be strategic not only about what you post, but how and when you post. Some of the approaches that were effective in the past may actually be hurting your Facebook reach.

Learn how to evaluate your Facebook effectiveness and gain an understanding of how to use the platform more effectively to increase your reach.  Join us.

Using Facebook for Business
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
6:30pm – 8:30pm     Reading, MA


Facebook Embraces Hashtags

Facebook Embraces Hashtags

Once again, Facebook is adopting the “me too” approach.

Hashtags, widely used on Twitter and Instagram to help users find and categorize information around a particular topic, have been introduced on Facebook. Hashtags use the # symbol attached to a word or phrase, such as #stanleycup or #networkingevent, enabling users to identify and participate in conversations within a larger community.  Clicking a hashtag in your Facebook news feed will bring up posts from other personal profiles or business pages that used the same hashtag. (more…)


Social Media How-To Guides

 Social Media How-To Guides

social media reference guidesNew to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Posting on social media but not comfortable that you’re spending your time effectively? Or have a bare-bones profile that isn’t working for you? We’ve developed three reference guides to help improve your knowledge and comfort level with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Even if you’re already using social media for your business, chances are there’s a pesky question or to you haven’t had time to research. The answers are here.

Each guide is a single two sided document that you can save or print for easy reference. They contain steps for getting started, tips for success, and definitions of the terms used in each platform like Twitter lists and Facebook insights.

Download your free copies now.


Is Facebook Worth Your Time?

Is Facebook Worth Your Time?

For most businesses, marketing is necessary to achieve growth. Whether you are doing the work yourself or paying someone to handle your marketing, you want to be sure that your investment is working for you. Online metrics are available to help you determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. For starters, the traffic sources data in Google Analytics help you to understand which platforms send visitors to your website. To learn more about Google Analytics, read our prior post.

Once you know from your website analytics that a platform is driving traffic, you can hone your techniques to further improve your marketing effectiveness. For example, if you use an email marketing service, take advantage of the metrics to learn who opened your newsletter and who clicked on links. (more…)