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Do Your Website Visitors Hate Your Content?

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Is your website content attracting visitors or repelling them?


 A client considering a website redesign requested I review the effectiveness of their current site. Developed by a web hosting company that specializes in the client’s niche, the site was built from a template which included industry-relevant copy, with designated fields to “personalize” the site.

In fact, the resulting site was impersonal, perfunctory and no more engaging than a Yellow Pages listing. The user experience was inefficient and cumbersome, and the images (obviously stock photos) neither reinforced the copy nor enhanced the client’s credibility. The client and I were in agreement that the website wasn’t particularly compelling or effective. (more…)


Is Your Website A Map Or A Maze?

Clear path


Let’s face it: When considering buying products or services from your business, most potential clients will start with a review of your website. That experience can lead the visitor to gain confidence and interest in your business, or to click away and search for competitors.

As the centerpiece of your online presence, your website experience must guide your visitor, demonstrating that your business offers value and is credible and trustworthy.

Stop talking and listen

When meeting a potential client in person, we use many strategies to convey our expertise, integrity and skills. Beyond good eye contact and a firm handshake, we attentively listen for clues to how our offerings match with the needs of a potential customer. We ask questions to learn about challenges, frustrations and pain points which provide an opportunity to help. This emotional connection naturally leads the conversation to how we can help solve their challenges. The prospect gains confidence that we not only understand their problem, but also that we can offer informed guidance to fix it. (more…)