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Hashtag Refresher

hashtags and tapas

The application of hashtags in each platform is as varied as a dinner of tapas small plates.

The hashtag emerged as a method to sort through innumerable volumes of social media posts. Initially used by Twitter, hashtags helped users to classify or categorize tweets around specific topics, making relevant content discoverable by others. Searching on a hashtag like #BestTapasBoston would produce a set of tweets relating to restaurants serving tapas (small plates). Hashtags can be used as a way to search for and connect with others who share a common interest.

With the growth in social media adoption, use of hashtags expanded to other platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. But while their use has spread, the application of hashtags in each platform is as varied as a meal of tapas plates. While you may choose to participate on several social platforms for your business, it’s important to cater both the style of the posts and the use of hashtags to each platform.  (more…)


Time to Board The Twitter Train

Time to Board The Twitter Train?

twitter_logo_headerIt feels like there’s no escaping from Twitter these days. From email signatures bearing the little Twitter icon and @something-or-other, to reality TV shows encouraging viewers to tweet votes to keep their favorites in the competition, to newscasts bearing hashtags and trending topics, it seems Twitter has become a part of our society’s fabric.

While at first glance the whole concept may seem inane, (more…)


How-To: Using Twitter Search & Hashtags


How-To: Using Twitter Search & Hashtags

“I just don’t get it …”

It’s a common sentiment when first starting out on Twitter. New users often rely on a review of their home feed to get a sense of what’s being posted by the accounts they follow. Even if it’s productive initially, this approach quickly gets unmanageable and inefficient.

Twitter can be a goldmine of valuable information. As we shared in our last post about using Twitter lists, platforms and tools are available to help users unearth information, influencers and insights. (more…)