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Are You Having a Facebook Identity Crisis?

Confused identity crisis

Did I just comment as myself or my business page?

Mistakes happen. Whether you stress over them or take them in stride, it’s important to avoid repeating the error. If you’re a page admin for a business Facebook page, chances are you’ve liked, commented or shared a post as your Page when you intended to do so as yourself. Or perhaps you meant your Page to share an update from another business page, but somehow the share defaulted to your personal account. The process can be pretty convoluted — and frustrating.

If Facebook has proven a successful channel for your business, don’t count it out just because it’s complicated. As a page admin on a Facebook account, always double-check to confirm whether you’re posting as yourself or your Page. Here’s how:  (more…)


Polluted Analytics No More – Goodbye Spam Referrals

Fitbit with extra stepsDo you track your daily activity using a FitBit or similar device? If so, there may be times when outlier activities — like a wobbling grocery cart — are counted as steps. You may have wondered about the extra activity, or perhaps you are guiltily aware while treating yourself to an extra dessert (since you did all those steps!). Obviously, the steps aren’t valid and the inflated stats may actually be causing you to eat more.

The same principle can apply to your website visits, where there may also be extra steps which you didn’t earn. Monitoring your analytics is key to measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. But a cursory glance at the top-level stats (like the 16,432 steps) isn’t enough. (more…)


The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of LinkedIn Endorsements

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of LinkedIn Endorsements

good bad ugly apples

The good, the bad and the ugly

As evidenced by our fairly sizable inventory of past posts about LinkedIn, we’re big believers. While not every aspect is perfect, for the most part it’s a valuable, robust platform for increasing credibility and visibility through networking. Today’s post addresses LinkedIn endorsements. Not to be confused with recommendations, endorsements are an easy way for those in your network to acknowledge a skill you may have.

Maybe too easy. (more…)


How To Request A LinkedIn Recommendation

How To Request a LinkedIn Recommendation

Tidbits of WisdomSo you’ve taken the plunge and created a profile on LinkedIn. Good for you! (In no time, you’ll be wondering why you waited so long.) Hopefully as part of the process to create your profile, you uploaded a good photo and crafted succinct, keyword-rich descriptions of your expertise, roles and experience. All elements of your profile contribute to convey authority and trust.

But without recommendations, your LinkedIn profile doesn’t have the credibility it could. (more…)


Increase Your Online Footprint With A Company LinkedIn Page

“I already have a personal profile on LinkedIn that I hardly use.

Why do I need a company profile?”

Well, for starters, in order to maximize the impact of social media, you need to use it strategically, to connect and engage with contacts, influencers, potential customers and affiliates. Use your personal LinkedIn profile to engage with your connections, complement your in-person networking, and to stay in touch with colleagues, customers or referral sources.

A company page on LinkedIn increases visibility and credibility for your company. (more…)