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Is Technology A Blessing Or A Curse?

The speed and complexity of changes in the technology marketing space is indeed overwhelming. Just when you get comfortable with a routine, the rules change or there’s some new hot platform that is delivering better results. With free trials and little commitment required to get started, it seems there is little risk to taking the plunge. Being open to new approaches can help you to reach new prospects, but remember to keep your goal (such as event registration, eBook downloads, contact us messages, etc.) in mind and measure your success.

When working with clients to drive traffic and increase visibility, we utilize a variety of strategies to reach each audience where they spend time. We build bridges between the client website and outposts such as social media sites, content hosting platforms and online communities. The bridges are used as the vehicle to reach the audience; the website is the centerpiece of the client’s online presence.

Regardless of whether your most effective marketing strategy is email marketing, a specific social network, one-on-one event showcasing or something else, all marketing should point toward your website. Why? Read on. (more…)


10 Tips To Crafting Pithy, Punchy Subject Lines

bulldog in princess costume

Use humor to draw in your reader

Gone are the days of paper in-boxes that actually get emptied on a daily basis. Today our email messages join a sea of others competing for the attention of readers. Humanize your brand so that yours is the email that gets read while its neighbors get deleted. Respect your audience; customize your email marketing to feed your audience the content they want, at the cadence they choose.

Whether it’s the subject line for your email newsletter, the title for a blog post, or even or even the subject line for an email message, crafting a powerful introduction is key to capturing the attention of your reader. Try these 10 tips to crafting subject lines that beg to be opened.

1.  Don’t state the obvious. “January newsletter from Hillman Design” … If you’ve populated the “from” address with your name and your business name, recipients know who the newsletter is from, so not only is this subject line boring — it’s also redundant. The subject line is valuable real estate: make the most of it. (more…)


Tired Of Tweeting To Crickets?

Where did the time go?

When engaging in social media, it’s so easy to get sidetracked. With all good intentions, you sign in to a platform with a specific game plan and 30 minutes later you’re deep into posts that (while they may be informative and interesting) have little relevance to your original goal. Strong discipline is needed to strike the balance between being open to opportunities yet not diverting from your game plan. (more…)


Heartbreak Hill: Marketing Is A Marathon

maratthon finishHeartbreak Hill:
Marketing Is A Marathon

In business and in sports, enduring success is the result of hard work and long-term commitment. On this Marathon Monday, learn from those who know how to go the distance.

This post has been updated for relevance and timeliness. Please see the refreshed post here.