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What Are SEO Plug-ins & Why They Matter

Tidbits of Wisdom

Let’s do some show and tell. Do an online search for a topic that’s covered on your website. Not your company name, but rather, a product or service that you offer, or something you’ve blogged about.

Do your website pages or blog posts appear on the search results pages? If yes (so far, so good!), how does the listing look to you? Is it a weirdly cryptic sentence fragment? The first few words of a blog article? Or (fingers crossed) a clear, articulate and compelling call to action?

Who controls those search results pages anyway?



Are Metatags Still Relevant for SEO?

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Speech bubble page 1 GoogleGetting on page 1 of search results is the goal of most businesses, but it’s not a simple effort. The art of search engine optimization (SEO) involves many factors in a continually evolving mix. From inbound links to metatags, site traffic to authority, social engagement to keyword-rich content, the list is extensive.

The goal for search engines is to offer up the most relevant information to match the needs of a user conducting an online search. To meet their goal, search engines utilize algorithms to determine which sites appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). The search engine algorithms are constantly being tweaked, weighting one factor or another more significantly, in a quest to deliver the most relevant results for users.  (more…)


9 Easy Ways to Establish Credibility Through Your Website

9 Easy Ways to Establish Credibility Through Your Website

“Just Google it.”

It’s a common reaction when we need to purchase an item, get information or learn about a topic. And so we search (on Google or another browser), and miraculously we are presented with pages of links to information. Some of the links, we know, are paid advertising. Some of us choose those links with the mindset that if a company has sufficient resources to pay for advertising, they must be reasonably credible. Others skip past the sponsored links directly to the organic (or unpaid) listings. We scan the website urls, the brief snippet of text that’s provided (more in a future blog post about this metatag) and click to a website. What we find there will determine whether we explore or click back to the search engine results pages. (more…)