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Taking Entrepreneurship To New Heights

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How the work landscape has changed. Years ago, a great career started with landing a job in a big blue chip corporation, one with a management training program and a pension, with stock on the S&P 500 and lifetime loyalty. Today’s world is another paradigm entirely, with smaller business leading the way in job generation, free snacks trumping pensions and entrepreneurship a viable alternative for most anyone.

I’ve worked with a fair number of clients launching new businesses. Often it’s their second act, following a corporate career which provided financial rewards (possibly funding the new venture) but didn’t fuel their passion. Those with corporate experience generally come to the table with a foundation of strong business skills. Others, inspired to turn a longtime skill or interest into a business, may bring guerrilla marketing savvy and creative energy — along with an understanding that there may not be a big paycheck for a while. (more…)


The Power Of Your Inner Circle

Business owners wear many hats. Particularly in the first several years, your business may be a one-person show, where you are personally handling everything from managing client contact information to invoicing and shopping for printer paper. It’s common to feel isolated or overwhelmed if you don’t seek support systems.

inner circle dogsWhile a spouse or friend can offer valuable encouragement, other entrepreneurs serve as a source of proven advice and solutions. (more…)


Extend Your Reach Online – Presentation & Networking Event

online presenceIf you truly want to grow your business, it’s time to face reality.

Reading-North Reading Chamber of Commerce logoWhat’s the initial impression of visitors when landing on your website? Are they able to accomplish what they came to your site for — quickly?Is the content user-focused or internal jargon?

Do you depend on visitors stumbling onto your site — or worse, worry that if prospective clients do find your website, they’ll just click away because it’s not very compelling?

Join me for an evening of informal networking and learning, sponsored by the Reading-North Reading Chamber of Commerce. I will be presenting tips to help you optimize your online presence, improve your authority and expand your reach.

Extending Your Reach Online

Thursday, May 19, 2016

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm (presentation will begin around 6:00 pm)

The RESIDENCE At Pearl Street, in the library
75 Pearl St, Reading, MA

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LinkedIn Activity Feed Is Back

LinkedIn Activity Feed Is Back

Ask and you shall receive (sometimes, anyway).

Technology changes can be frustrating. As we’ve integrated social platforms into the routine of our lives, updates and enhancements can feel very uncomfortable, slowing our efficiency and momentum. When an enhancement provides us with more value, we recognize the need for change and adapt. There are times, however, when a social platform makes changes that don’t seem to make sense. (more…)


Leverage Local Networking with Alignable

Leverage Local Networking with Alignable

Networking playfulMany clients express concern about the continually changing array of social networks, wondering how to keep up with the latest and greatest. My response (as well as my personal practice) is to limit use of social media, focusing on the ones where your customers are likely to participate. When I work with new clients, we typically select one platform which is a logical fit based on the client’s customer base, getting comfortable with using it strategically, successfully, and consistently. Then we assess whether it is driving website traffic and business, through a review of website analytics traffic sources. As the client’s comfort level grows, we may add another social network or supplement with different strategy such as showcasing, blogging or email marketing. (more…)