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Is Technology A Blessing Or A Curse?

The speed and complexity of changes in the technology marketing space is indeed overwhelming. Just when you get comfortable with a routine, the rules change or there’s some new hot platform that is delivering better results. With free trials and little commitment required to get started, it seems there is little risk to taking the plunge. Being open to new approaches can help you to reach new prospects, but remember to keep your goal (such as event registration, eBook downloads, contact us messages, etc.) in mind and measure your success.

When working with clients to drive traffic and increase visibility, we utilize a variety of strategies to reach each audience where they spend time. We build bridges between the client website and outposts such as social media sites, content hosting platforms and online communities. The bridges are used as the vehicle to reach the audience; the website is the centerpiece of the client’s online presence.

Regardless of whether your most effective marketing strategy is email marketing, a specific social network, one-on-one event showcasing or something else, all marketing should point toward your website. Why? Read on. (more…)


Extend Your Reach Online – Presentation & Networking Event

online presenceIf you truly want to grow your business, it’s time to face reality.

Reading-North Reading Chamber of Commerce logoWhat’s the initial impression of visitors when landing on your website? Are they able to accomplish what they came to your site for — quickly?Is the content user-focused or internal jargon?

Do you depend on visitors stumbling onto your site — or worse, worry that if prospective clients do find your website, they’ll just click away because it’s not very compelling?

Join me for an evening of informal networking and learning, sponsored by the Reading-North Reading Chamber of Commerce. I will be presenting tips to help you optimize your online presence, improve your authority and expand your reach.

Extending Your Reach Online

Thursday, May 19, 2016

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm (presentation will begin around 6:00 pm)

The RESIDENCE At Pearl Street, in the library
75 Pearl St, Reading, MA

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Creating An Immediate Impact Online

Creating An Immediate Impact Online

Impact checklistAs the new year approaches we’re encouraged to reflect on strategies for self-improvement, doing more good, having a positive outlook or creating a better impression. As business owners, we should be considering the same opportunities for our companies. Consider whether you are capitalizing on each of your business assets — including your website, email, and social profiles — to create a strong and immediate brand impact. (more…)