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Not Mobile-Ready? Google Says It’s Time

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Are you keeping up with technology changes?

If your website isn’t yet mobile-responsive, it’s time to act.

As a business owner, we understand firsthand that staying on top of everything is a daily challenge. And the rapid speed of technology changes doesn’t help.

But of all of the business initiatives to choose from, your website isn’t one that should be deferred to tackle later. As the centerpiece of your online presence, it merits your attention as a top priority. (more…)


Are Metatags Still Relevant for SEO?

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Speech bubble page 1 GoogleGetting on page 1 of search results is the goal of most businesses, but it’s not a simple effort. The art of search engine optimization (SEO) involves many factors in a continually evolving mix. From inbound links to metatags, site traffic to authority, social engagement to keyword-rich content, the list is extensive.

The goal for search engines is to offer up the most relevant information to match the needs of a user conducting an online search. To meet their goal, search engines utilize algorithms to determine which sites appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). The search engine algorithms are constantly being tweaked, weighting one factor or another more significantly, in a quest to deliver the most relevant results for users.  (more…)


Google's Search Algorithm Hummingbird: SEO Meets User Experience

Google’s Search Algorithm Hummingbird: SEO Meets User Experience

Google searchGone are the days of trying to figure out a way to get the information we need. Whether we turn to social media, search or Siri, we simply beckon and are provided with more data than we can imagine using. Improving the relevance and usefulness of that data is the arena of search engine algorithms. While social sites offer filtering tools like hash tags to enable users to refine results, search engines tweak and refine their search algorithms. (more…)