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Local Google Search: 3 Is The New Magic Number

searchGoogle has changed the rules again. Not a search algorithm change this time, but rather a shift in the display of results for local searches. Prior to the recent change, a general search such as “hardware stores haverhill ma” would return a display of seven results. Each of the top results (known in the SEO industry as the “7 pack) included the business URL, address and phone, Google reviews and a pin on a Google map.

7 pack - old search results

Image credit: Search Engine Land

3 is the new 7

The new results from a local Google search now feature three listings (referred to as the “3 pack” by SEO specialists). These more streamlined results include the business name, reviews summary, and the time the business will open or close. (more…)


Getting To Page 1 of Google: Ranking Factors

Getting To Page 1 of Google: Ranking Factors

Google page 1Every business wants to rank highly for search engines, particularly for semantic searches (general terms describing your product or service). At Online Amplify, we work with clients to optimize their online presence with two key objectives in mind:

  • To achieve high placement in the search results
  • To respond to user needs when visitors clicks through to the client website