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Lost on LinkedIn? Tips to Navigate The Redesign

Sigh. Just when you were getting into a regular routine schmoozing with your network on LinkedIn … Poof! Everything changed. Yep, another redesign — this one intended to more “easily surface ideas, drive conversations … be more productive and stay connected,” according to LinkedIn. The new experience is being rolled out gradually with some features and functionality not yet widely available.

Change is hard

We all have too much to do and too little time … so adapting to user experience changes — even if they are ultimately positive — can be irritating. So to save you some frustration (and a few precious minutes), we’re offering guidance on how to accomplish some key items in the new LinkedIn experience. (more…)


Sponsored Social Media: The Importance of Transparency

pinky-swear - be transparent

Pinky-swear … Be transparent when using ambassadors or other influencers

Gone are the days when a monthly magazine ad was enough to keep your business growing. An ever-increasing array of creative marketing strategies is needed to breaking through today’s social media clutter. Quality content that captivates, informs or amuses is step one. Consistent, intentional posting and authentic engagement — step two.

Depending on your industry and target client, you might also consider additional steps  (more…)


Are You Having a Facebook Identity Crisis?

Confused identity crisis

Did I just comment as myself or my business page?

Mistakes happen. Whether you stress over them or take them in stride, it’s important to avoid repeating the error. If you’re a page admin for a business Facebook page, chances are you’ve liked, commented or shared a post as your Page when you intended to do so as yourself. Or perhaps you meant your Page to share an update from another business page, but somehow the share defaulted to your personal account. The process can be pretty convoluted — and frustrating.

If Facebook has proven a successful channel for your business, don’t count it out just because it’s complicated. As a page admin on a Facebook account, always double-check to confirm whether you’re posting as yourself or your Page. Here’s how:  (more…)


Move Beyond “Like” To Authentic Engagement

IsolationLike? Really?

Do you ever see a post on social media that links to a tragic story — and the post has hundreds or even thousands of likes? While we intuitively understand that all those “likes” are acknowledging, as opposed to endorsing, the tragedy, “like” is a big disconnect in relation to the story. While we may truly empathize, our action (“like”) can appear to trivialize the significance of the story.  (more…)


Cruise The Social Media High Seas – 2 Case Studies

sailing dinghy

Start small on social media

Without question, overwhelmed is the word most often used by new clients when discussing social media marketing. Crafting creative content, managing functionality changes and maintaining cadence is hard enough on a single platform (never mind on three or four).

My response — in fact, my mantra for social media — is to start small, with a strong and credible presence on a single platform where your target audience spends their time. Once you’re in the groove, layer in creative sharing strategies and additional platforms as outposts. Your original content can be modified to fit other platforms and repurposed.

To encourage you not to abandon the social ship before you’ve even boarded, we’re offering these social media case studies which illustrate how you can catch the wind with social media.  (more…)