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Paving The Way To A Smooth Website Launch


Today’s blog article is a guest post courtesy of attorney Ellen Lubell. A valued member of my inner circle of trusted colleagues, Ellen advises on technology matters such as legal website agreements, data security, copyright and open source licensing. This post was adapted from her original post.

As the centerpiece of your online presence, your website must convey your unique value. It’s a long journey from a blank page to a live site with robust, nimble functionality, clearly articulated, impactful content and relevant, authentic visuals. Even a website re-launch requires an eagle-eyed assessment of every aspect of your site to elevate its positive impact.

Choosing the right partners and putting in place the needed processes are key to minimizing potholes along the way.



Canned Content Is For The Birds

Nearly identical birds

With canned content, your business is nearly indistinguishable from your competitor’s.

There are times when it’s really hard to bite your tongue. I had one of those moments during a recent conversation with a new client. While discussing their current marketing tactics and how we could improve their effectiveness, the client mentioned that they use email marketing to stay in touch with a large list of past clients and contacts. When I probed, she explained, “We subscribe to this great service which provides us industry-related content that we share to our email lists automatically. It’s really easy!”

My response? First, a deep breath; then count one, two, three.  (more…)


Is Technology A Blessing Or A Curse?

The speed and complexity of changes in the technology marketing space is indeed overwhelming. Just when you get comfortable with a routine, the rules change or there’s some new hot platform that is delivering better results. With free trials and little commitment required to get started, it seems there is little risk to taking the plunge. Being open to new approaches can help you to reach new prospects, but remember to keep your goal (such as event registration, eBook downloads, contact us messages, etc.) in mind and measure your success.

When working with clients to drive traffic and increase visibility, we utilize a variety of strategies to reach each audience where they spend time. We build bridges between the client website and outposts such as social media sites, content hosting platforms and online communities. The bridges are used as the vehicle to reach the audience; the website is the centerpiece of the client’s online presence.

Regardless of whether your most effective marketing strategy is email marketing, a specific social network, one-on-one event showcasing or something else, all marketing should point toward your website. Why? Read on. (more…)


Is Your Website A Map Or A Maze?

Clear path


Let’s face it: When considering buying products or services from your business, most potential clients will start with a review of your website. That experience can lead the visitor to gain confidence and interest in your business, or to click away and search for competitors.

As the centerpiece of your online presence, your website experience must guide your visitor, demonstrating that your business offers value and is credible and trustworthy.

Stop talking and listen

When meeting a potential client in person, we use many strategies to convey our expertise, integrity and skills. Beyond good eye contact and a firm handshake, we attentively listen for clues to how our offerings match with the needs of a potential customer. We ask questions to learn about challenges, frustrations and pain points which provide an opportunity to help. This emotional connection naturally leads the conversation to how we can help solve their challenges. The prospect gains confidence that we not only understand their problem, but also that we can offer informed guidance to fix it. (more…)