Marketing & Content Strategy

Marketing & Content Strategy

How do blogging, social media and speaking gigs fit in your marketing mix? We translate your big picture goals into channel strategies that make sense for your business model; then create an organized and sustainable process for ongoing marketing.


  • We create a strategic marketing plan based on a comprehensive review of your online presence, lead generation strategies, preferences, skills, goals and results.
  • We develop integrated marketing campaigns using email, blogging, social media, online stores, events, and print media, and repurpose your content to extend your reach.
  • We design your editorial calendar, providing a structured process to manage your content marketing, creating an ongoing dialogue with your customers and increasing your visibility.
Content, Blogs & Email

Content Blogs Email
Customer focused, compelling messaging to distinguish your business and connect with potential customers via email, blogs, brochures, and other communications.

Our clients say…

“Nancy is diligent and takes the initiative to think through the details and provide clear and concise guidance to all parties. Nancy is more than willing to provide the leadership needed to focus a team’s attention on matters that must be resolved before letting the project continue. Nancy’s work has the unmistakable quality of being thorough, precise and extremely well executed.”

~ Robert Pravder, CFO, Kardea Nutrition

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