Is Your Marketing Calendar A Business Magnet?

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There are times when new business just drops in your lap. You’re routinely going about your work, not even focused on new business development, and the phone rings, or you’re approached at a meeting, or a friend or colleague refers a prospect who needs exactly what you offer — and is ready to buy now.

While seemingly random or lucky incidents, more likely you’ve attracted these new clients as a result of your strong reputation and well-honed skills. Moreover, if you’ve carved out a specialized niche and stay visible through networking and consistent outreach, you reap rewards.

But most business owners know too well that entrepreneurship can be a roller coaster. While the flow of clients and revenue isn’t always steady, internal resources must be maintained to support incoming business. So sustained disciplined business development to attract customers is Job One(more…)


Happy Holidays! Reflect On The Path Ahead

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Happy Holidays! As we close out another year, we wish for you the gifts of health, joy and success in 2018.

We are taking some time this week to reflect, reassess and rejuvenate as we prepare for the coming year.

If you’ve resolved to do better in the new year, we offer you a few of our top blog posts from this year to help you on your path:

Create powerful content that connects with readers

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Maintain your blog cadence


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Become more efficient

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Use your marketing intelligence

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Frequently Asked Questions: Great & Powerful

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Dorothy's shoes

“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”

Take a deep breath and follow Dorothy’s approach when she desperately wanted to return to Kansas. Rather than “there’s no place like home,” your phrase to repeat three times (and make your mantra) is:

I will keep my website fresh

Evolving as your business grows and changes, your website should be a living thing. The changes may be minor or more substantial, mirroring the expansion of your business and where you are in your business’ lifecycle. (more…)


How to Adhere to Your Priorities: Productivity Tips


Look — a squirrel!

While we may laugh about losing our focus and flitting from one task to another, it’s no joke.

When asked how they are able to resist distraction and adhere to their top priorities, productivity experts offer a variety of tools and tips. From whiteboards to timer apps, daily to-do lists to customer relationship management software, their common thread is to narrow your attention to maintain focus on the items of most importance to you and your business.

Make a daily list

Sales training expert Brian Tracy advises that it’s critical to plan before plunging in. With our digital age offering ever-present stimuli from myriad directions, maintaining focus on your priorities requires discipline. Use visual support to redirect your attention from these possibly worthy, but non-priority lures, to items of greatest importance to your business. Tracy says,

… every minute spent in planning saves ten minutes in execution. Make a list before you start to ensure that when you do begin work, you will stay focused on that activity that can have the greatest possible consequences for yourself and your business.

The list can take whatever form you wish – a note in your smartphone, a sticky note (paper or virtual) on your computer desktop, a calendar appointment, or (my tried-and-true) — a daily list prioritized by importance with colored Sharpies. (more…)


Paving The Way To A Smooth Website Launch


Today’s blog article is a guest post courtesy of attorney Ellen Lubell. A valued member of my inner circle of trusted colleagues, Ellen advises on technology matters such as legal website agreements, data security, copyright and open source licensing. This post was adapted from her original post.

As the centerpiece of your online presence, your website must convey your unique value. It’s a long journey from a blank page to a live site with robust, nimble functionality, clearly articulated, impactful content and relevant, authentic visuals. Even a website re-launch requires an eagle-eyed assessment of every aspect of your site to elevate its positive impact.

Choosing the right partners and putting in place the needed processes are key to minimizing potholes along the way.