Get To The Point & Stay On Point: Creating Compelling Content

Get To The Point & Stay On Point:

Creating Compelling Content

Less is more.Do you know someone who takes forever to tell a story? Despite their best intentions, they wander off on endless tangents and digress with irrelevant details. By the time it’s completed, the point of their story is long lost.

While in a social setting a series of polite nods may be the norm, online disdain is expressed through a swift click away. With the enormous amount of our time spent online, we demand that each interaction be efficient, productive and fruitful.


The power of less

There’s a general esteem for people who are able to convey volumes with few words. Consider these idioms, which have been in our culture for hundreds of years:

Speak softly and carry a big stick  (Theodore Roosevelt, 1900)

A man of few words  (Shakespeare’s King Henry V, 1599)

Less is more  (Robert Browning poem, 1855)

Tidbits of wisdom quoteEach of these well-known phrases is direct and impactful. They don’t include an endless series of qualifying phrases or descriptive adjectives. By initially paring your words to the essentials, you can then layer on shading and details more effectively. Follow these tips to increase the discipline and effectiveness of your writing:

1. Eliminate the superfluous. Whether your guilty pleasure is unnecessary words, excessive detail or writing in a complex tense (ex: “have been enjoying” in place of “enjoy”), the buck stops here. Allow words to flow onto the page to get your ideas out; then challenge yourself to cut the word count by half.

2. Select your voice carefully. Once you’ve pared back your text, identify opportunities to swap out word choices to add personality and reinforce your brand voice. Altering your phrasing can actually add a tone of voice, creating a lively and engaging experience.

3. Lose the tech-speak. As a master in your field, industry vernacular rolls off your tongue as part of your everyday vocabulary. But when you “talk shop,” potential customers may not even follow what you’re saying, much less understand how you can help. Craft content in customer-focused terms.

4. Capitalize on the power of three. Create a pattern to involve readers using the rule of three. Information presented as a series of three elements is more easily absorbed and retained. Whether within a sentence or an entire article, readers expect and anticipate the third item in a series, creating engagement.

5. Create a captivating rhythm. Don’t drone on in a monotone. To engage your audience, use colorful vocabulary, vary sentence structure and create images with your word choice. Examples and case studies reinforce your points and retain the reader’s attention. 

Ironically, it’s more difficult to write fewer words. Concise copy is both more effective and respectful of your audience. Apply the above steps routinely when crafting content, but if you struggle, contact us; we can help.

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  1. Nancy Black

    Excellent article! Loved seeing the power of 3. I talk about that, i.e., easy as 1,2,3.

    1. Online Amplify

      Thank you Nancy! The power of three is even more evident in a sentence, like this: “use colorful vocabulary, vary sentence structure and create images with your word choice.”

      Compare the above with a sequence of four items which can be harder to process: “use colorful vocabulary, vary sentence structure, include examples and create images with your word choice.”


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