Is Your News Feed Taking You For A Ride?

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Are you puzzled as you scroll through your Facebook news feed, wondering why you’re seeing incessant updates from a Facebook friend who’s really not that good a friend? Frustrated at the myriad posts from a group you never participate in, and crickets from the pages you follow?

Yeah, Facebook updated their news feed algorithm again. The objective of this change, according to Chairman Mark Zuckerberg, is to “encourage meaningful interactions between people” making it “good for people’s well-being.”



Is Your Website A Map Or A Maze?

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Let’s face it: When considering buying products or services from your business, most potential clients start with a review of your website. That experience can lead the visitor to gain confidence and interest in your business, or to dubiously click away and search for competitors.

As the centerpiece of your online presence, your website experience must guide your visitor, demonstrating that your business is credible and trustworthy.

Stop talking and listen

When meeting a potential client in person, we use many strategies to convey our expertise, integrity and skills. Beyond good eye contact and a firm handshake, we attentively listen for clues to how our offerings match with the needs of a potential customer. We ask questions to learn about challenges, frustrations and pain points which offer an opportunity for us to help. This emotional connection naturally leads the conversation to how we can solve their challenges. The prospect gains confidence that we not only understand their problem, but also that we can provide informed guidance to resolve it. (more…)


Introduction To Email Click Segmentation

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There’s a stark contrast between a guided trail ride and racing in the Kentucky Derby. While both involve riding a horse, the gear and the preparation — not to mention speed of the journey — are profoundly different. In the quest for a successful conclusion, however, both riders must continuously adjust their approach based on frequently shifting conditions.

The need to regularly assess results and nimbly modify your course of action applies to your marketing as well. The availability of myriad technologies and platforms can drive us to flit anxiously from one approach to another without any prioritization or plan.

While social media may be the first marketing tactic that comes to mind, email marketing remains a top performing sales channel. Because they opt-in, email subscribers are warm leads, providing an advantage right out of the starting gate. So saddle up and capitalize on the head start.



Is Your Marketing Calendar A Business Magnet?

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There are times when new business just drops in your lap. You’re routinely going about your work, not even focused on new business development, and the phone rings, or you’re approached at a meeting, or a friend or colleague refers a prospect who needs exactly what you offer — and is ready to buy now.

While seemingly random or lucky incidents, more likely you’ve attracted these new clients as a result of your strong reputation and well-honed skills. Moreover, if you’ve carved out a specialized niche and stay visible through networking and consistent outreach, you reap rewards.

But most business owners know too well that entrepreneurship can be a roller coaster. While the flow of clients and revenue isn’t always steady, internal resources must be maintained to support incoming business. So sustained disciplined business development to attract customers is Job One(more…)


Happy Holidays! Reflect On The Path Ahead

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Happy Holidays! As we close out another year, we wish for you the gifts of health, joy and success in 2018.

We are taking some time this week to reflect, reassess and rejuvenate as we prepare for the coming year.

If you’ve resolved to do better in the new year, we offer you a few of our top blog posts from this year to help you on your path:

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