Social Media How-To Guides

 Social Media How-To Guides

social media reference guidesNew to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Posting on social media but not comfortable that you’re spending your time effectively? Or have a bare-bones profile that isn’t working for you? We’ve developed three reference guides to help improve your knowledge and comfort level with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Even if you’re already using social media for your business, chances are there’s a pesky question or to you haven’t had time to research. The answers are here.

Each guide is a single two sided document that you can save or print for easy reference. They contain steps for getting started, tips for success, and definitions of the terms used in each platform like Twitter lists and Facebook insights.

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  1. Heather

    These are fantastic guides. I love one-page documents like this that i can print and keep as reference guides. Thank-you!

    1. Online Amplify

      Glad you liked them! I’m also a fan of getting information in a succinct format, rather than a big deck that includes the same amount of information spread over a dozen or more pages.


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