Get To The Point & Stay On Point: Creating Compelling Content

Less is more.Do you know someone who takes forever to tell a story? Despite their best intentions, they wander off on endless tangents and digress with irrelevant details. By the time it’s completed, the point of their story is long lost.

While in a social setting a series of polite nods may be the norm, online disdain is expressed through a swift click away. With the enormous amount of our time spent online, we demand that each interaction be efficient, productive and fruitful.

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  1. Nancy Black

    Excellent article! Loved seeing the power of 3. I talk about that, i.e., easy as 1,2,3.

    1. Online Amplify

      Thank you Nancy! The power of three is even more evident in a sentence, like this: “use colorful vocabulary, vary sentence structure and create images with your word choice.”

      Compare the above with a sequence of four items which can be harder to process: “use colorful vocabulary, vary sentence structure, include examples and create images with your word choice.”


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