Ready, set, learn: Customized content marketing training

Ready, Set, Learn: Customized Content Marketing Training

Are you ready to stop acting like a new business?

When we launch, we’re often a one-person show, personally handling everything from business development to sales, customer service and marketing. But to grow into a more robust business, and bring our success and revenues to the next level, we need to move out of launch mode and start behaving like a mature business. We hire bookkeepers, office managers and sales reps. We invest in software and develop processes to enable us to ascend to a more strategic role, helping our businesses to grow and flourish.

Is your marketing still in launch mode?

So, is your marketing still in launch mode? Are you winging it, tweeting impulsively and erratically, struggling to come up with ideas for email newsletters, feeling guilty about the blog that hasn’t seen a new post in months? Are you feeling like the student intern doesn’t have the big picture, perhaps, or do you wonder whether the brochure you’ve created actually reflects the services your customers want?

Learn and save

Nancy Wolff Leary teachingWe’ve been there, and we get it. We’ve developed several courses to help you approach your content marketing in a strategic way, offering you systematic, sustainable, logically-driven processes to achieve marketing results.

Offered through the Massachusetts Department of Labor and Workforce Development, these courses are available to qualifying Massachusetts businesses at a 50% savings.

Strategic and Effective Content Marketing 1

This course provides an understanding of the value of content marketing to increase visibility and credibility for your business, and offers a step-by-step process to help you achieve success. We’ll cover best practices for blogging and email marketing and will walk you through platforms such as WordPress and Constant Contact to ease your learning curve. We’ll cover how-to’s, model behavior, and offer practical, actionable feedback on your blog posts and newsletters. You will learn about the value of an editorial calendar to enable an organized and sustainable process for content marketing and we’ll guide you in creating your own.

Strategic and Effective Content Marketing 2

This course builds on strategies to create a consistent brand message in your online and offline communications and increase visibility for content you have created. We’ll help you to maximize your effectiveness by optimizing and repurposing your content in written media including blog posts, email newsletters, website content, social media profiles and professional site bios, pitch letters, collateral and brochures. To optimize your use of marketing time and tools, we’ll provide actionable guidance in understanding your website and marketing analytics, enabling you to focus on the content and platforms that drive traffic and engagement.

Purposeful Marketing

Students completing this course will learn a sustainable process for utilizing these marketing platforms strategically and effectively. Beginning with social media, we will cover do’s & don’ts to offer a professional presence and create opportunities for branding, credibility and engagement. Our deep dive into blogging will include navigating the WordPress platform, formatting posts, managing comments and plug-ins and much more. To enable an organized and sustainable process for content publication, we will walk through development of an editorial calendar and will provide a personalized template for your use going forward. Finally, we will highlight key email marketing metrics to focus on, and provide practical guidance in using Google Analytics to maximize marketing effectiveness.

Ready to learn?

The courses include a mix of in-person training at your place of business and remote support. The training and support materials are personalized for your business.

Online Amplify is a certified vendor offering training programs through the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund. If you are a Massachusetts-based employer with fewer than 100 employees, you may qualify for partial tuition reimbursements for these courses through the Workforce Training Fund.

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