Is Your Blog A Bedtime Story?

Is your blog hibernating? Or are your readers?

Many people launch a blog without considering the commitment. Maybe you wrote a maiden perfunctory post or two when you launched your website. Or you publish something unremarkable occasionally just to assuage your guilt. Perhaps (please, no) you have a single post on your website which smartly states (being cheeky here) “Blog coming soon!”

Whatever the state of your blog’s hibernation, it’s not good. While you understand that consistent blogging is a great way to build authority, demonstrate your knowledge and drive traffic, you’re not inspired. Conceptually, you get it. The actual writing — you’re just not feeling the passion.

Chances are, your readers aren’t inspired either. Creating compelling content is a skill, and like fine carpentry, accounting or ballroom dancing, not everyone has a natural aptitude or affinity for it. The answer isn’t to push through and publish dull content; it’s to drill down on a way to connect with your target audience.

Back in the dull old days

yawning babySome years back, when there was simply less content to compete with, a boring blog was more acceptable. Search engines were seeking content that was keyword-rich, and were not as focused on posts’ resonance with readers. Websites might pile up scores of keyword-stuffed blog articles which read like grade-schoolers’ facts books. Back then, those websites may have achieved high search rankings … the result of pages of yawn-invoking content filled with unremarkable and generally known facts and nary a bit of color or nuance.

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy

Today’s search engine algorithms — those mysterious behemoths that sort and sequence content for readers to discover on search results pages — have become more sophisticated and user-focused. Competition to rank on search results pages is fierce, and dull doesn’t cut it. With two million blog posts written every day (source: Marketing Profs) — yes, really — your articles must be not only keyword-rich, but also provocative, illuminating or inspiring. Preferably all three.

Help me. Enlighten me. Inspire me.

A yawn is not the reaction you should be seeking from your readers. Whether your goal is to offer guidance, elicit emotion or provoke involvement, successful blog content provides a unique value not offered by others. More than “just the facts.” As the expert in your niche, your job when crafting a blog post is to connect with your reader, tap into their pain points and offer solutions, insights and wisdom.

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  1. Jacqueline Franklin

    Wow – 2 million blog posts a day is daunting. All the more reason to stand out is right!

    1. Online Amplify (Post author)

      Crazy, right?! And even once you get someone to find your post, the trick is to keep them engaged to read through it. Not for the faint of heart!

  2. Gail Kauranen Jones

    Well said, Nancy: People can feel ‘the heart’ of the blog. I think personal stories that lead in to a lesson are also helpful. The more authentic we are, the more engaged our readers become. Excellent work as always from Online Amplify. Gail

    1. Online Amplify (Post author)

      I appreciate your comments, Gail. As a writer who speaks from the heart, you walk your talk so well.


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