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Mobile-Responsive Email: Tidbits Of Wisdom

Tidbits of WisdomFast and furious. Our world is technology-obsessed, on-the-move, and bordering on fanatical about staying connected. In the early days, when mobile devices were a novelty, we had more tolerance for poor user experiences like dropped calls and sites that were difficult to navigate. As we acclimate to each new technology and spend ever-increasing amounts of time on mobile devices, expectations are rising.

Are your emails easy to consume?

In a recent article, we discussed the usability issues related to websites not optimized for mobile:

While we may be accustomed — or resigned to — scrolling and pinching to magnify tiny text on a mobile device, it’s not an ideal user experience. A mobile responsive website adapts the page layout to present the information in a format appropriate for the device.

Similar to the shifts in search algorithms to reward mobile-friendly websites, the recipients of our emails can decide whether to bother with an email that is not mobile-friendly. (more…)


10 Tips To Crafting Pithy, Punchy Subject Lines

bulldog in princess costume

Use humor to draw in your reader

Gone are the days of paper in-boxes that actually get emptied on a daily basis. Today our email messages join a sea of others competing for the attention of readers. Humanize your brand so that yours is the email that gets read while its neighbors get deleted. Respect your audience; customize your email marketing to feed your audience the content they want, at the cadence they choose.

Whether it’s the subject line for your email newsletter, the title for a blog post, or even or even the subject line for an email message, crafting a powerful introduction is key to capturing the attention of your reader. Try these 10 tips to crafting subject lines that beg to be opened.

1.  Don’t state the obvious. “January newsletter from Hillman Design” … If you’ve populated the “from” address with your name and your business name, recipients know who the newsletter is from, so not only is this subject line boring — it’s also redundant. The subject line is valuable real estate: make the most of it. (more…)


Making Your Vision A Reality Next Year

Vision for 2017As the year’s end approaches, we like to reflect back, focusing on successes and noting those pesky “opportunities” for doing better in the new year. While there’s not always enduring discipline around personal resolutions, from a business perspective we engage in intentional reflection. Similar to applying marketing intelligence to inform future marketing efforts, intentional reflection uses the wisdom gained from honest assessment of past activities to make purposeful changes. It isn’t easy to slow down and assess while running a business, but we encourage you to make time for some intentional reflection before turning the calendar to the new year. (more…)


What Is Content Marketing, Anyway?

Websites need a continuous influx of fresh website content to gain the attention of search engines, which deliver search results based on complex algorithms with a large number of ranking factors. Fresh content is a key ranking factor. But search engines have countless website pages to index. Even if you’re adding new content every week, your site may not be visited frequently enough to capture that content and serve it up in search results.

You can’t just wait around for Google to notice you. Some active marketing is needed. (more…)