How-To: Invite Facebook Friends to "Like" Your Business Facebook Page

How-To: Invite Facebook Friends to “Like” Your Business Facebook Page

Facebook tipsThere are certain questions we hear from clients and friends pretty frequently. One relates to how to get your friends to like your Facebook business page.

Our first piece of advice on that topic is to restrain from sharing too much about your business on your personal Facebook page. Instead, offer teaser information and let friends know that if they want more — tips, photos, discount codes, deals or information — that they need to “like” your business Facebook page.

Make it easy for your friends. Follow these step-by-step procedures to invite your Facebook friends to “like” your business Facebook page:

1. Log into Facebook as yourself.

2. In the search box at the very top of the page, type in the name of your company page, and click to go to the page.

3. Toward the top of the page, beneath the blue banners, you’ll see the following buttons.

screen shot4. Click on the “Build Audience” button. The top three options are Invite email contacts, Invite friends, and Share page.  You’ll want to consider doing the latter two.

4. To invite Facebook friends, click on that option, search friends and check off all applicable ones, then choose “Submit.”

5. To share your business page on your personal page, choose that option and type in a brief status message explaining your business, what kinds of information you share on your page, and asking friends to (a) please “like” the page and (b) share the page with friends who may also be interested. You can do this step every few months.

Remember to post frequently and share engaging, useful content that’s not entirely self-promotional. To be sure your posts continue to be seen by those who have liked your page, have them check their settings as explained in this article.

Keep in mind that social media is best used for brand building efforts. By using Facebook strategically, your business stays top of mind for when the need or want arises.

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  1. Adam Gibbons

    Thank you for this post on using the Business Facebook page to do these kinds of invitations. Facebook is rarely straight forward in its instructions on how to accomplish simple things like this. It is so helpful to have your blog to go to for clear straight forward answers. Thank you.

    1. Online Amplify

      Thanks for your comment, Adam! You are absolutely right about Facebook; since it was originally built as a social platform, using it for business is not always intuitive. We’ve also published other “how-to” posts for social media which you may find helpful:


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