Time to Board The Twitter Train

Time to Board The Twitter Train?

twitter_logo_headerIt feels like there’s no escaping from Twitter these days. From email signatures bearing the little Twitter icon and @something-or-other, to reality TV shows encouraging viewers to tweet votes to keep their favorites in the competition, to newscasts bearing hashtags and trending topics, it seems Twitter has become a part of our society’s fabric.

While at first glance the whole concept may seem inane, Twitter provides opportunity far greater than 140 characters about what you’re doing right now. The platform enables participants to communicate quickly, share information, cultivate relationships and network. With some knowledge, it can be used effectively and efficiently for your business.

Remember the old saying “More is not always better?” Being succinct and deliberate with your words (or, in the case of Twitter, with each character) is a skill. Posting in Twitter requires you to cut unnecessary words and get to the point. Our cyberspace world wants your input, but quickly, please.

Learn strategies to use Twitter to identify opportunities, prospect for clients, connect with potential partners and increase your visibility with an interactive workshop at your location.

Making Sense of Twitter

* Anatomy of a Twitter profile
* Hashtags, searches and lists
* Tips and ideas for creating tweets
* Self-promotion and engagement
* Platforms to facilitate management
* Measuring effectiveness

“Wonderful – an immense amount of info, very well presented”

– Recent workshop attendee

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