The Power Of Your Inner Circle

Business owners wear many hats. Particularly in the first several years, your business may be a one-person show, where you are personally handling everything from managing client contact information to invoicing and shopping for printer paper. It’s common to feel isolated or overwhelmed if you don’t seek support systems.

inner circle dogsWhile a spouse or friend can offer valuable encouragement, other entrepreneurs serve as a source of proven advice and solutions. (more…)


Five Questions And An Offer

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Can you answer yes to these five questions?

Does your online presence convey a unique value that distinguishes your business from all others?

Is your content credible, compelling and keyword-rich, yet understandable by potential clients?

Are you leveraging on-page and off-page SEO to attract search engines and rank in search results?

Is your website architecture intuitive and does it guide your user to key conversions?

Do you engage in sustained marketing outreach to drive visits to your website?

If you can’t confidently say yes to each question above, take advantage of our special (but time-limited) offer. (more…)


Is Your Blog A Bedtime Story?

Is your blog hibernating? Or are your readers?

Many people launch a blog without considering the commitment. Maybe you wrote a maiden perfunctory post or two when you launched your website. Or you publish something unremarkable occasionally just to assuage your guilt. Perhaps (please, no) you have a single post on your website which smartly states (being cheeky here) “Blog coming soon!”

Whatever the state of your blog’s hibernation, it’s not good. While you understand that consistent blogging is a great way to build authority, demonstrate your knowledge and drive traffic, you’re not inspired. Conceptually, you get it. The actual writing — you’re just not feeling the passion.

Chances are, your readers aren’t inspired either. Creating compelling content is a skill, and like fine carpentry, accounting or ballroom dancing, not everyone has a natural aptitude or affinity for it. The answer isn’t to push through and publish dull content; it’s to drill down on a way to connect with your target audience. (more…)


Move Beyond “Like” To Authentic Engagement

IsolationLike? Really?

Do you ever see a post on social media that links to a tragic story — and the post has hundreds or even thousands of likes? While we intuitively understand that all those “likes” are acknowledging, as opposed to endorsing, the tragedy, “like” is a big disconnect in relation to the story. While we may truly empathize, our action (“like”) can appear to trivialize the significance of the story.  (more…)