Your Favorite Posts of 2012: Content, User Experience, LinkedIn

Your Favorite Posts of 2012: Content, User Experience, LinkedIn

We love year-end summaries. In our constantly changing world of new apps, platforms and technologies, year-end summaries provide a great opportunity to dig out from the details and get the big picture of the significant developments over the past year.

In our blog posts during 2012, we covered a variety of topics in these general areas:

  • Social media (and specifically LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter)
  • Content (including email marketing and blogging)
  • User experience (important to keeping visitors on your site)
  • Marketing analytics (to help assess whuch marketing strategies are working)
  • General business tips (and events to help grow your business)

We review our own analytics to gain a sense of which posts resonate most with our readers, so that we can provide useful content to help you grow your business. Many of our readers commented that they appreciate the details we provide in our social media and content posts, which help in implementing our recommendations. Message received! We also learned that our posts that provide specific tactics to keep visitors on your site were of particular interest to our audience. A few of your favorites …

The Power of Repurposing Content: We often hear from clients who routinely publish an email newsletter but bemoan the fact that their website traffic is low or stagnant. For this common frustration, we often recommend adding a blog to the marketing mix. While keeping up with the frequency recommended for a blog can be a bit daunting, by repurposing content you can publish a new post without a lot of angst or overwhelming effort.

What’s In A Font? Ever stumble on a website and have a difficult time finding basic information like who’s behind this venture? Or a site that looks like a “before” picture with a sea of font colors and styles that have no organization or logic? While self-editing platforms like WordPress enable you to update your site, your website is the online expression of your business, so you want to be certain it creates a positive impression and conveys credibility. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

5 LinkedIn Tips to Create a Positive Online Impression: Understandably, many business owners feel overwhelmed by managing social media and don’t want to chase every new platform that gets popular. We advise limiting your adoption of social platforms to be sure that you can maintain proper cadence and be responsive to those who engage with you. If you want to pick just one platform to focus on, LinkedIn is a good choice for many industries. While LinkedIn has implemented some changes during 2012, notably a new look to personal profiles and the elimination of the Events app, the advice in our September 10 blog post is still spot-on.

Did you have a favorite post for “best of 2012”, or a topic you wish we’d cover for you? Please share your comment and we’ll do our best to blog about it in 2013.

Thanks to our readers and we wish you a happy and productive new year!


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