5 Unconventional Marketing Strategies

 5 Unconventional Marketing Strategies

Pause for inspirationIf you’re running a business, more than likely you engage in some lead generation strategies to drive traffic. It’s important to use your analytics to measure the effectiveness of each strategy and focus on those that deliver the most promising leads. Once you identify your top marketing strategies, consider overlaying these ideas to make them even more effective.

1. Reach out to no-shows: Those who register for one of your events have expressed an interest in your offering. Whether you conduct events in person or online, live or recorded, in small groups or giant ballrooms, capitalize on preregistration data to follow up with no-shows. Offer new dates or alternate delivery vehicles like recorded webinars for registrants who registered but didn’t attend.

2. Re-mail to non-opens: As long as the content is still relevant, resending your email newsletter to those who didn’t open it is a no-brainer. Haven’t there been times that you delete an email because your in-box is overwhelming? One that you might be interested in reading — but just not right now? Put your email marketing analytics to work and give these prospects another opportunity to hear your message.

3. Embrace the competition: We all like to think we’ve identified a unique niche for our company, but you’ll probably meet plenty of competitors in the course of doing business. Whether you’re co-presenters on an event panel or find yourself listening to their elevator pitch in a networking group, chances are you aren’t focused on exactly the same niche. The person who appears to be your direct competitor may actually turn out to be a top source of referrals or a strategic partner. Go out on a limb and start a conversation.  

4. Pause for inspiration: In the day-to-day of running your business, it’s easy to get stuck in the weeds. Perhaps you know you need a better way of accomplishing a certain process, but taking the time to research and implement solutions just seems impossible. But to grow your business to the next level, to evolve yourself from the task worker to the CEO in more than just name, you must step out of the weeds and assess your business processes with perspective. If you have a board of advisers, seek their help; if not, reach out to your inner circle to help you see the bigger picture.

5. Relinquish control: In today’s social media culture, customers embrace the opportunity to offer input. Solicit customer feedback and reviews by offering product samples, beta versions or free trials. Then encourage engagement and solicit ongoing dialogue with reviewers, acknowledging input directly and publicly, making reviewers feel valued and creating an elite “insider status.” Follow the advice of The Pumpkin Plan author Mike Michalowicz, using reviewer feedback to modify the product, developing an implicit sale (after all, you’ve adapted the product based on their input). Even more importantly, in this process you’re also cultivating brand advocates. Recognize their value and nurture these relationships.

If you keep doing the same things, the same way, your result isn’t going to change. If you’re ready to ramp up your business, try one of these strategies.

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