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Picture this. It’s a sunny autumn weekend and you’re taking the kids apple-picking or to a corn maze at a local farm. Or you’re headed to the beach for an invigorating walk. Perhaps you’re on your way to visit with a friend who moved to a distant suburb. Exiting the highway, a scenic route brings you through picturesque town centers and past local historic homes. The view includes unique, beautifully constructed buildings, charming antique shops and sprawling, well-kept homes.

It feels good, right? Kind of restores your soul a bit?

The importance of a healthy and vibrant downtown

Back to our current reality. Sadly, the demise of the local downtown is a looming threat. While online shopping can be quick and convenient, it poses significant challenges to the health of local businesses. Preserving our unique town centers helps to keep our local economies strong — raising property values, providing employment and strengthening community pride. To retain vibrant downtowns, we need to identify the unique value proposition offered by independent businesses — and capitalize on it.  (more…)


Extend Your Reach Online – Presentation & Networking Event

online presenceIf you truly want to grow your business, it’s time to face reality.

Reading-North Reading Chamber of Commerce logoWhat’s the initial impression of visitors when landing on your website? Are they able to accomplish what they came to your site for — quickly?Is the content user-focused or internal jargon?

Do you depend on visitors stumbling onto your site — or worse, worry that if prospective clients do find your website, they’ll just click away because it’s not very compelling?

Join me for an evening of informal networking and learning, sponsored by the Reading-North Reading Chamber of Commerce. I will be presenting tips to help you optimize your online presence, improve your authority and expand your reach.

Extending Your Reach Online

Thursday, May 19, 2016

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm (presentation will begin around 6:00 pm)

The RESIDENCE At Pearl Street, in the library
75 Pearl St, Reading, MA

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Live Workshop: Blogging on WordPress

Ready … Set … Blog!

Whether you want to start a blog, improve the impact of your blogging, or expand the reach of your posts, success in blogging means more than just writing an article and publishing it on your website. Blogging is a proven way to illustrate your expertise and increase your visibility, and WordPress is the leading blogging platform.

Once your website developer has created your site, it’s up to you to utilize it to the fullest. Do you struggle to write posts that capture the attention of readers?  What are the best ways to get more people to see your blog posts? And how do you navigate the back end of your website? This workshop is designed for the marketer or business owner who wishes to blog on WordPress as part of an integrated content strategy. (more…)


The Long Tail Of Event Promotion

long tail

Capturing the long tail

In the field of search engine optimization, the long tail refers to optimizing website content for a very specific search phrase, such as insulating light filtering honeycomb shades.

The idea behind this practice is that while the pool of interested prospects may be smaller, the conversion rate is substantially higher.

And while there’s a plethora of content on the web, (sadly) much of it isn’t all that helpful or illuminating. Truly informative, concise and unique content attracts and retains website visitors because of its value to readers. (more…)


Ready, set, learn: Customized content marketing training

Ready, Set, Learn: Customized Content Marketing Training

Are you ready to stop acting like a new business?

When we launch, we’re often a one-person show, personally handling everything from business development to sales, customer service and marketing. But to grow into a more robust business, and bring our success and revenues to the next level, we need to move out of launch mode and start behaving like a mature business. We hire bookkeepers, office managers and sales reps. We invest in software and develop processes to enable us to ascend to a more strategic role, helping our businesses to grow and flourish. (more…)